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Mobius Venture Capital is an IT focused fund with $2.5B under management. Their current fund, VI, is $1.5B and is backed on a broad range of limited partners. Mobius focuses on early stage investments and tends to lead or co-lead with $5M-$10M investments. They have had notable successes with Yahoo, eTrade, VeriSign, and many others.
ChevronTexaco Venture Equities

ChevronTexaco Venture Equities (CTVE) was formed in 1999 to invest in technology startup companies whose innovations could significantly benefit ChevronTexaco’s existing businesses and lead to new growth opportunities.

ChevronTexaco is an energy company with a leading-edge venture capital group established to make equity investments in early startup-stage, new technology companies.

ChevronTexaco Venture Equities works with select venture capital firms and also makes independent investments in areas such as information technology, biotechnology, materials science, intelligent devices, MEMS, nanotechnology, robotics, and bioinformatics.

Investments are made in companies that provide the potential for outstanding financial returns. The technologies and products of these companies should be applicable to multiple vertical markets while also being applicable or adaptable for use in the energy industry.

Founded in 1998, Selby Venture Partners puts $135 million to work in early-stage companies across the IT sector, including networking and communications, enterprise software, wireless and emerging technologies.

Selby Venture Partners understands what is required to build successful companies; that it takes more than just money. Our entrepreneurs benefit not only from our financial capital, but also from a wealth of operating experience, technology expertise, and an extensive network of contacts. All of this, from a team that is accessible and happy to "roll up its sleeves" to help.

When you get Selby you get the whole team. With that team comes over 150 years of experience and learning from companies like Tandem, Liberate Technologies, Sun, VISA, Intuit, Compaq, Turner Broadcasting, P&G, McKinsey, Silicon Valley Bank, and Wilson Sonsini.