Quantum Insight

The fields of emerging materials and nanotechnology are full of opportunities and promise. However, a successful navigation of these fields requires specialized technical and industry knowledge as well as access to deep global networks of people active in these areas.

Our services identify and enable the intersections of these emerging new technologies with large markets.

Through our strategic business and market development services, our corporate customers rapidly identify and confidently build new businesses in the area of emerging materials and nanotechnology.

Through our investor-focused services, we enable investors to identify, fund and grow promising technology startups and reduce their overall risk.

Our services are focused on the applications of emerging technologies to the IT, bio-medical and materials/chemical industries. Some of our areas of expertise are as follows:

Electronics and Photonics
Memory, Data storage, Displays, Lasers and Optics.

Photovoltaics, batteries, fuel cells and envrionmental technologies.

Sensors, Actuators, Thin films, microscopy, simulation and metrology.
Bio-sensors, medical devices and therapeutics.
Services for Venture Capital
Services for Companies